How is Northern Sky Financial compensated?

Our fees will vary depending on the type of work we do for our clients. We offer both fee & commission based planning. We can review this with you so you understand all your options.

Is there a fee to book an appointment for a consultation?

No, the cost of the first meeting is always absorbed by us. There is also no pressure at all. We look forward to meeting with you!

Why should I meet an advisor to create a financial plan?

Sometimes life can become so busy that finances can fall to the waste side. By taking the time to discuss your goals, and have an advisor help you to create a roadmap to get to those goals, you can sleep easier at night knowing you have a plan!

Why should I deal with a broker, rather than an agent at one specific company?

By working directly with a financial broker you will receive the benefit of many more options to choose from. Brokers generally have access to almost all Canadian insurance companies, whereas a representative of one company has access to only one company’s products. By reviewing all your options from various companies, you can ensure you have the best products at the best rates.

How does cannabis usage affect my insurance?

With the law change on this subject, it’s important to know that some insurance companies will classify cannabis users as “non-smoker status.” However, other companies will not. Be sure to discuss your specific situation with us so we can help direct you to the best plan for you.

Do I even qualify for insurance? I have an illness.

This is a very common question. Thankfully, we have been able to help many clients who thought they were “uninsurable” to receive coverage with us. Sicknesses may include fibromyalgia or diabetes, for example. We are able to access some insurance companies, such as Canada Protection Plan, that offer no-medical policies and therefore may still be able to provide you with the protection you need. Contact us today to book an appointment to discuss your situation further.

What are the best rates for health and dental plans?

Depending on your age, family size, and how much coverage you need, there are some various great plans out there to protect you. Some of them include Greenshield or Blue Cross for example. Please contact us to run a specific quote for your needs.

I already have group insurance through work. Do I need more?

Many clients find that upon switching jobs, getting laid off, or retiring, they are disappointed to see the prices of buying their own insurance at that point can be expensive, due to age or a health condition. Therefore, we do recommend having your own personal insurance while you are healthy and young, to keep the cost as low as possible!

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